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Training Talk


Manx Viking Wheelers in conjunction with Martin Malone (Personal Trainer and Cardiovascular Coach) and Kate Stobart (Physiotherapist and Movement Specialist) are to give a talk on training for maximum performance and injury prevention.  The talk is designed to:


  • Help you understand the various components of training
  • How to construct a training plan for better performance
  • How to avoid over training
  • How to plan for races
  • How to maximise your performance through better movement
  • How to avoid injury
  • Nutrition – Eating correctly for best performance


The talk is scheduled to take place on Friday 11 March 2016, venue to be confirmed.  This talk is open to all club cyclists and anyone else who may be interested.  The cost will be £3 at the door to cover expenses.  Anyone interested in attending should contact Brian Johnson on 495684 or brian-johnson@manx.net.”